Eight generations of Tennesseans have called 4 Points Farm home.

Not long after the first pioneers blazed a trail across the Smoky Mountains, Settlers found their way to Old Bird’s Creek.  Through the years they built homesteads, raised families, and made their livelihood off the land.  Much has changed since 4 Points Farm was first settled.  One thing that has remained is the property’s natural beauty.

Today visitors can still find glimpses of the farm’s past.  Tucked around the property- historic barns, vintage tractors and farm equipment are just a few reminders of yesteryear.  If you look closely, you may even find a moonshine still!

4 Points Farm is the perfect balance of modern convenience, natural beauty, and vintage charm.

10 acres are open for guests to explore and enjoy.  The property boasts rolling pastures and thousands of feet of horse fencing.   Bird’s Creek winds its way throughout the property, and a charming pond with a fountain greets guests as they arrive. The views from our farm include blue mountains to the south and rolling pastures to the north.

We would love for you to tour 4 Points Farm.  Please contact us to schedule a viewing.

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